(Announced February 8th, 2019)

“On January 4, 2019, the Commission issued a notice setting February 3, 2019, as the end of the formal period to file comments on the Adelphia Gateway Project environmental assessment.

Due to the funding lapse at certain federal agencies between December 22, 2018 and January 25, 2019, the Commission is reopening the comment period until March 1, 2019.”

We strongly encourage anyone who is concerned about this project to register with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, to file as an intervener and to share their concerns on the project’s docket prior to the deadline (Reference Docket Number CP18-46-000 & CP18-46-001). More information on how to become an intervener can be found at the “Federal Energy Regulatory Commission” section of this site under the menu tabs or at the website.


According to FERC’s Environmental Assessment of the project, “The EA assesses the potential environmental effects of construction and operation of the Adelphia Gateway Project in accordance with the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The FERC staff concludes that approval of the proposed project, with appropriate mitigating measures, would not constitute a major federal action significantly affecting the quality of the human environment.”

If you are concerned about the impacts of this pipeline project, and you have not already intervened, again, please note that the window of opportunity to do so is ending soon.  For more information on how to intervene:

If you would like to respond to FERC’s Environmental Assessment, please do so on or before 5:00 pm Eastern Time on February 3, 2019 and be sure to “focus on the EA’s disclosure and discussion of potential environmental effects, reasonable alternatives, and measures to avoid or lessen environmental impacts.”

Please consider asking FERC to do an Environmental Impact Statement for this project and take the time to let them know that many impacts – that would come to fruition as a result of this project – have not been adequately addressed in the Environmental Assessment.

For talking points please check out this comprehensive analysis of concerns filed on the docket by the Delaware Riverkeeper Network from June, 2018.

FERC’s “Conclusions and Recommendations” summarize that, “Based on the analysis contained within this EA, we have determined that if Adelphia constructs and operates the proposed facilities in accordance with its application and supplements and our recommended mitigation measures, approval of this proposal would not constitute a major federal action significantly affecting the quality of the human environment.  We recommend that the Order contain a finding of no significant impact …”

A curious determination when you consider that the FERC Commissioners themselves are not always in agreement, noting that, “the downstream greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the combustion of transported gas…must be quantified and considered as part of our National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review”, and in many recent decisions where FERC has failed to consider these impacts, you will find a record of dissent.

It is clear that the FERC review process for determining the harms and impacts of these projects – is a rubber-stamped racket. Our nation’s energy outlook is shifting – and it is time to prioritize renewable and sustainable energy alternatives, alternatives which would provide more jobs and greater energy independence then natural gas ever will.

Take action today and request that FERC require an Environmental Impact Statement for the Adelphia Gateway Pipeline Project!